Restoring Futures

Young disciples studying God’s Word

Restoring Futures

Stepping out on a vision from God

No one cared about Kelvin when he was release from prison, so no one showed up to help him or provide a place he could stay. He almost starved to death.

That experience years ago gave Kelvin a vision to rescue other adolescents when they are released from prison in Kenya by providing them with a place to stay, hot meals and training in the vocational skills they need to survive. Most importantly, however, he wanted a place that would disciple young ex-offenders to become responsible men of God.

In 2015, as director of Heaven’s Family’s Prison & Rehab Ministry, I had the privilege of witnessing that dream become a reality when I attended the grand opening of Philemon House. This is the first residential after-care facility for juvenile ex-offenders in Kenya.

Twice each year a special youth camp is now held at this facility. The young men (and women) who attend are all on probation. Philemon Ministries pays for their tuition, books and uniforms so they can attend school, but they attend the camps during school breaks. Here they are strengthened in their Christian walk with teachings and mentoring in interpersonal skills, and shown the love of a family—something many of them have never received.

Philemon Ministries will also hold Youth Discipleship Weeks in two juvenile prisons to help prepare selected youth to enter their residential program upon their release. We have formed a partnership with Kelvin’s ministry to help redeem the lost youth of Kenya and give them a future and a hope. You have been a very valuable part of this restoration work!

May God richly bless you,

Bob Collins
Director, Prison & Rehab Ministry

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