Sending Out The 12

When Um Vorn is not teaching the village children, he is pastoring in a local church and farming his own land. They are using a classroom that was newly constructed in 2015.

Sending Out The 12

Protecting the children of Cambodia through local missionary teachers

Dear Friends,

Um Vorn wears many hats in Brasat Muoy Village—husband, father, pastor, farmer and teacher. He is one of 12 men and women scattered all over rural Cambodia who have been tasked with a very special assignment: educate children, and do all you can to prevent them from becoming victims of human trafficking and slavery, an endemic problem throughout Southeast Asia.

Ever since the satanic Khmer Rouge slaughtered all educated people in the 1970s—including teachers, and even anyone wearing glasses, as it was assumed they could read and were therefore educated—the people of Cambodia have been struggling to educate its people. Throw in the fact that poverty has made it almost culturally acceptable for desperate families to sell their oldest child (“so our other children can eat”) to enslavers who show up with a slick smile and a wad of cash in their pockets.

So Um Vorn and the 11 other teachers have been tasked with leading after-school programs where the children receive supplementary lessons in Khmer (the official language of Cambodia), English, and health and hygiene. And, most importantly, they’re taught the dangers of traffickers and how to protect themselves and their siblings from their grasp. And as believers, these teachers model Jesus Christ in villages that are predominantly Buddhist.

These 12 have been sent out in 2016 with the help of contributions to the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry. Thank you for caring about the children in the villages of Brasat Muoy, Andong, Brasat Pi, Komping Takong, Krobao, Kundal, Morn, Phum Ty Pram, Robos Katom, Srei Treing, Toul Jar and Tatain—they are better protected because of you.

Together with Him,

Jeff and Karin Trotter
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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