Telling it on the Mountain

24 Apr

Timothy Rai sharing Christ with an elderly villager in the mountains of Kavre, Nepal

Telling it on the Mountain

Nepali evangelists leave no stone unturned

Dear Friends,

The vast majority of Nepal’s citizens either worship some of the 330,000,000 (yes, that’s 330 million, plus or minus a few) gods and goddesses of Hinduism, follow the teachings of Buddha, or worship the animals, rocks, trees or spirits of their ancestors. That’s a grim statistic that breaks the hearts of Timothy Rai and Anosh Ghale, two Heaven’s Family national missionaries.

For Timothy and Anosh, there is no greater mission than to unashamedly tell them about Jesus Christ, who created them and died for their sins, and who will one day judge them according to His holy standard.

This month, I want to share with you snippets from their recent updates, giving you a glimpse of their determination and passion to reach the lost—a deep-seated conviction shared by the dozens of missionaries with whom we partner.

Our months and years are going by like wind blowing. We are hurrying to help fulfill the Great Commission of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. We are investing our time sharing the love of God through many channels, such as telephone calls, distributing gospel tracts, sharing the gospel verbally, conducting village meetings, etc.

90% of people respond positively to the gospel. But they have family and social barriers inhibiting them from following Christ. Either they are from Hindu or Buddhist backgrounds. Families and societies are very strong in opposing other “religions.” Because their forefathers are Hindu and Buddhist for many generations, they say, “How can we become Christians, which is a foreign religion? We cannot.”

Sometimes we face so many challenges while doing evangelism. We have to go to mountain after mountain looking for houses. In some places there is only one house. In the city, we find most of the houses are locked, so we leave a tract under the door. If they are working in the field, we go to the field and share the gospel with them as they work. In the villages we enjoy doing evangelism.

Though they may only find a handful of people at the top of a mountain, Timothy and Anosh still make the journey, knowing that Jesus died for those people too. Here, Anosh is using a gospel tract to communicate the gospel to a village family.

Although Timothy and Anosh encounter obstacles, that doesn’t deter them. They can only walk so far, talk to so many people, and hand out so many gospel tracts. But they keep pressing on. Timothy has a whole team of evangelists who are following Jesus because of his determined efforts—including Anosh. They are raising up disciples who are going out and making more disciples.

Our National Missionary Fund exists to help Timothy, Anosh and other missionaries bring love, hope and salvation to the multitudes who are perishing without Christ—regardless of the obstacles. Last year a group of generous Heaven’s Family friends helped us equip Timothy and his team with over 20,000 gospel tracts, each costing just a few pennies. Today they are reaching the lost with the tools we’ve placed in their hands.

Thank you for linking arms with these frontline soldiers.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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