Truth vs. Fear

A North Korean citizen peeks out of a home very similar to the safe houses located near the border

Truth vs. Fear

A North Korean counts the cost of following Jesus

Dear Friends,

Is the truth of the gospel more powerful than my fear? Mia could no longer ignore the question—a tsunami of panic now threatened to drown her both emotionally and spiritually.

Over the past 3 years Mia has often made the dangerous journey across the border into China to secure food and other life-sustaining supplies for her family that were in short supply in impoverished North Korea. Once safely across the border, she then found a secret refuge where she was welcomed with open arms. In that sanctuary—a safe house for all North Koreans seeking to escape hunger and oppression in their homeland—the brainwashing she had received as a citizen of that corrupt country had finally been exposed as a lie. Instead of the “violent rebels” she was misled into believing they were, the safe-house hosts were Christians who cared for her. They supplied her with food, clothing and medicine for her starving family each time she made the trip back home. Her hosts also shared more and more about the loving God they served.

With every visit, the truth of the gospel message rooted deeper into her tender heart, drawing her back to the safe house to hear more. But fear had always been a stronger motivator for Mia. With sadness she had repeatedly rejected her host’s invitation to make Jesus her savior. Mia knew that if the North Korean authorities found she had become a Christian, she would face being thrown in the dreaded labor camps…and maybe even death.

The struggle within her heart finally reached a breaking point, and she knew that she could no longer give in to her fear. As her hosts again asked if she would like to become a Christ follower she felt a new boldness pushing back against the waves of fear. “Yes,” she softly answered. Mia immediately felt the darkness retreat. “Yes!” she repeated, this time with greater confidence.

Mia is just one of many guests supported by the North Korean Christians Fund at secret safe-house locations along the North Korean border. Mia’s safe-house hosts prayed over her for many years before she was brave enough to give her heart to Jesus. And Mia’s boldness is growing. She now uses the aid she receives as a tool to share the gospel with her family and neighbors—despite the ever-present threat of severe persecution.

Yes, the gospel truly can overcome all fear! Thank you for helping North Koreans like Mia.


Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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