A Biker for Jesus

Jacob Mwangu is one of many happy church planting pastors I met in Kenya

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to report to you that I just came back from Africa where I met dozens of Heaven’s Family bicycle recipients, and dozens more who need bikes! What a joy to shake hands with these church-planting pastors who are busy going from village to village making disciples.

Jumping for Joy

Jacob Mwangu is 65 years old, and since receiving his bike in February of last year he has planted five house churches. He was a traditional pastor for many years, but began a church in his home several years ago. It was going so well he decided to reach out beyond his own village.

When I asked him what the folks in these groups like best about meeting in homes he said, “Mum, people are jumping for joy because they are free to testify in their meetings and have relationships with one another. Planting house churches is working so well for me since I received my bicycle, I can visit these groups with ease.”

Jacob asked me to please thank all those who give to the Mobilize a Minister Fund (now merged with our National Missionary Fund) for helping this ministry grow and expand far beyond where he was able to go on foot.

Joyful pastors advancing the kingdom of God in Africa with a humble bicycle!

Just a few of the many pastors who asked me if they, too, could receive a bicycle from Heaven’s Family

As you can imagine, pastors were lining up to request a bike. I wrote many testimonies and took lots of photos of these men. Some of them currently walk over twelve miles in one day to minister to the needy. Thanks for linking arms with pastors to help them make disciples. Imagine how awesome it will be in heaven someday to have strangers thank you for helping a pastor bring the gospel to their village!

Happy to represent you in this kingdom work,

Karin Trotter

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