A Full Mind, Belly, and Heart

23 Nov

A Full Mind, Belly, and Heart

Image of children at school6-year-old Vanessa smiles while on break during her school day

A Full Mind, Belly, and Heart

Dear Family,

Vanessa, a 6-year-old girl, lives in a rural Kenyan village where she shares a small one-room shack with her mother, father, and younger sister. She happily dresses in the same blue uniform each day and makes her way down the 1-mile path of red dirt road that she walks to school.

Vanessa arrives at school each day excited to learn alongside her 28 classmates. She loves learning and playing with friends at school. She also enjoys a nutritious lunch, which is sometimes her only meal of the day. While she is at school learning subjects like Math, Science, and English, her parents both go into the village searching for small day jobs to work to try to help provide for their family. Sadly, they often come home empty handed.

Vanessa travels back home each night after school with a full mind, belly, and heart, which her parents praise the Lord for. Her parents know that they would never be able to afford to pay the school fees needed to send Vanessa to school on their own, and so they are overjoyed that their daughter is able to receive an education, knowing that it will give her many more opportunities for her future.

Because of your help, Vanessa is able to attend school and not only receive an education, but also be spiritually and physically fed each day. Vanessa has already learned so much at school. Most importantly, she is learning about Jesus. She has shared her faith with her family, and they have also come to know Him.

Thank you for helping to provide an education for Vanessa and changing her and her family’s lives through your contributions to the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Rachel Reed
Director, Education Ministry

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