A Happy Ending in the Making [Fifth Blog from Myanmar]

05 Nov

A Happy Ending in the Making [Fifth Blog from Myanmar]

A mother smiles with joy knowing that her children will be returning to live with her

“Knowing that my children are alive and missing them is worse than missing someone who is dead” expressed the mother pictured above. She described how she did what she thought at the time was best for her children when she sent them away to an orphanage to get an education, never realizing how much she would miss them. Almost as soon as they left, however, she regretted her decision. She told us how she was unable to eat for a week because of her grief. Only through prayer and the encouragement of others was she finally able to eat again.

The reason this mother is smiling for the photo is because very soon her children will be living with her again…permanently, thanks to faithful supporters of Orphan’s Tear!

Today, I had the privilege of meeting with 7 parents who want to provide for their own children rather than send them to orphanages. The majority of the group currently has one or more of their children living in orphanages over 250 miles (more than a day’s journey) away. None of the parents had wanted to send their children away, but they thought that it might be the only opportunity for their children to receive an education—and escape the life of poverty they’ve had to live.

As I shared about offering the group a micro-loan, the entire room erupted into excited discussion. My translators, who are also experienced micro-bankers, shared the details about taking loans. The hope on the people’s faces was unmistakable.

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Three adorable girls who will be staying with their families, thanks to a group loan offered to their parents by Orphan’s Tear

The seven borrowers shouted “hallelujah” as we took their photos

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