A New Frontier

Robert and Roida Chilambwe standing in front of their restaurant

A New Frontier

The door of opportunity has opened in Zambia for the Micro-Loan Ministry!

Dear Friends,

The Micro-Loan Ministry of Heaven’s Family is happy to announce that the process has begun of opening our first micro-bank in Zambia! This exciting new opportunity is made possible by our recent partnership with Robert Chilambwe—a friend of the Micro-Loan Ministry and our first ever Zambian micro-banker! Robert is currently in the process of reviewing business plans and choosing potential micro-loan borrowers.

During the Micro-Loan Ministry’s recent visit to Zambia, we met with Robert and his wife Roida who welcomed us to the restaurant they currently own and operate. The warm hospitality we were shown made us feel as if we were in Robert and Roida’s home, instead of at their restaurant, and we commend the choice Robert has made to show only Christian programs on the TV in their restaurant, as a subtle yet meaningful witness to customers.

Before retiring early to run his own restaurant and delivery service, Robert worked at a prominent Zambian bank for many years. Today, Robert and his wife run a restaurant and delivery service that proudly employs impoverished members of their community who, without Robert’s kindness, could very well be otherwise unemployed. Having such an impressive background in banking, as well as possessing the witness of a man with steadfast faith and genuine kindness for others less fortunate than he, it became increasingly clear to us that Robert was a must-have addition to the Micro-Loan Ministry as a partner and micro-banker.

We were very impressed with the Chilambwe’s work ethic and the solid business that they have started. Robert and Roida have genuine hearts to serve others and a strong desire to bring new and exciting opportunities to the people of their community. We have high hopes for this new partnership to begin, and are extremely thankful to the Lord for leading us to such a wonderful brother in Christ as Robert Chilambwe!

The Chilambwe’s, standing in the dining room of their restaurant; several patrons are seen in the background

Thank you so much for your continued support and please keep this new micro-banker in your prayers as we steadily proceed wherever the Lord leads.

God bless you,

Sarah Shepherd
Micro-Loan Ministry

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