A Pot for a Prize

Gin Hau Lian, right, receiving an award for his achievements in his church’s Sunday School class.

I know it’s a little odd for our culture, but believe it or not, a pot is a prize worth competing for in Myanmar! The 10 children of Bethel 2 Orphanage worked really hard studying their lessons in Sunday School, and were handsomely rewarded with their very own pot!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

From right to left: Aung Cho, Lang Suan Khai, Gin Hau Lian, Wong Khai, Maung Deih Tung, Tuang Lang, Pau Gin Lian, Cin Tawn Khual, Man Sian Muang, Cing Tawi Huai. It looks like Cin Tawn Khual, third from right in the front, is questioning the value of his prize… What do I do with these???

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