A Visit with Irasema [Mexico Trip]

05 Jul

A Visit with Irasema [Mexico Trip]


Irasema and her father today

I first met Irasema when I was visiting Mexico missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick in September of 2008. Irasema was just six years old then. She had contracted a unknown illness that affected all her muscles, and she was unable to walk or even lift her head. Worse, she had lost her appetite and was losing weight. Medical tests paid by Jason and Nicole had revealed nothing. The only remaining option was five hours away and much too expensive for Irasema’s very poor Christian parents—specialized tests at Children’s Hospital in the city of Puebla.

That is when Heaven’s Family stepped in, and Irasema was eventually diagnosed with dermatomyosits, a connective-tissue, muscle and nerve disease. The doctors told Jason and Nicole that Irasema’s disease had progressed untreated for too long. But they put her on medications and daily physical therapy, which we also funded. Within two months, Irasema was able to stand on her own and walk a few steps. Eventually she was able to run and play like other children.

I made it a point to visit Irasema today, and I’m happy to report that, almost four years later, she is doing well, and her doctor recently cut her medication in half. I also learned that her thankful father (in the photo) is now a pastor.

I’ve been rejoicing today in a lot of other fruit that Heaven’s Family has been bearing in Mexico among the descendants of Aztec Indians. We’ve been blessed to invest tens of thousands of dollars into the lives of the “least of these” here through Jason and Nicole’s very fruitful ministry, helping to meet many pressing needs, plant churches and make disciples. It is lovely to see everyone’s hard work paying off!


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