Can God Use Women?

Image of missionary from Pakistan

Can God Use Women?

During the second half of our 12-day trip, first to Northern India and now Nepal, our Heaven's Family team has spent a lot of our time meeting with indigenous church planters who are making disciples in unreached areas, some of whom are supported through Heaven's Family's National Missionary Ministry. One of them is "Fatima," pictured above. She was born and raised in Balochistan, the largest and least populated of Pakistan's five provinces, that shares its borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Fatima traveled all the way from Pakistan to meet us in Nepal.

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Image of children from North India

From “Untouchables” to King’s Children

Greetings from an undisclosed region of North India. I can't reveal our exact location because it could put members of our spiritual family in danger of more persecution from their Hindu neighbors. But Heaven's Family, through its various ministries, has been working here for at least ten years. Myself and several staff members are visiting for a few days and checking up on projects (that some of you made possible!).

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Picture of Cuban flag

An SOS From Cuba

I recently received a cry for help from a friend and dedicated ministry partner in Cuba. The letter was covertly sent to Heaven’s Family, managing to avoid the communist regime’s recent crackdown on communications. What follows is information you won’t be reading in the news!

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Picture of Putra and his family

Picking Up the Pieces After COVID

COVID killed Putra's main source of income—his job. Every day over the past six months, he's awakened to the same haunting question: "How can I feed my family today?" You can end this horrifying cycle for Putra. With a gift of $24, you can help him feed his children—by rebooting his soap shop.

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Picture of baby Isaias

Rescue Families During COVID-19

If Isaias and the other children don’t receive the proper nutrition early in life, while their brains and bodies are developing, they could face extreme, irreversible mental and physical deficiencies…that is, if they’re fortunate enough to survive.

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Picture of farmer and Farming God's Way trainer from Africa

A Farmer Gets a Farm—Finally

This month you helped a farmer. Not an ordinary farmer, however, but a farmer who didn't have any land. Wait, what? How can you farm without land??? You can’t. And that was a problem.

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