An Unforgettable Day at the River

10 Mar

An Unforgettable Day at the River

Five freshly-baptized believers standing alongside their baptizers, Pedro Carballo (second from left) and Juan Munoz (far right)

Dear Friends,

Just a few weeks ago two Heaven’s Family-supported national missionaries baptized five believers in rural Mexico. They descended with the young men and women into the clear waters of the San Felipe River to be united in Christ through baptism. Each has been radically transformed by the power of the gospel (Read the captions under the photos below to learn more about the testimonies of these new believers).

All five have found a home in the body of Christ like nothing they’ve ever experienced before: they’re now loved, supported, discipled and, most importantly for them, they’ll never be abandoned again. Thank you for supporting missionaries like Juan and Pedro who are rescuing the perishing in places you and I will never reach.

I’m sure it was a day none of them will ever forget!

At left: Formerly a raging alcoholic who would mercilessly beat his wife and kids in his drunken stupors, Juan is now a new creation in Christ and a responsible family man. At right: After leading a selfish and worldly lifestyle, Noemi was abandoned by her husband and has since turned to the Lord. Her newfound passion is serving others.

Emilia comes from an extremely impoverished family. Through the power of Christ, her family is breaking the chains that have so long bound them in dire poverty. After her salvation, Emilia has been blossoming into a joyous and outgoing young woman of God.

At left: Enedina was young and afraid when her live-in boyfriend verbally abused and abandoned her, leaving her with no way of caring for their four young children. After finding Christ and being adopted into His family, local believers have given Enedina a safe haven and are helping her to raise her children. At right: After hearing the Good News, Leonarda’s family turned from their idols and now worship the living God. Leonarda is often persecuted and ridiculed for no longer partaking in her former pagan celebrations, but remains steadfast in her service to the Lord.

Yours for the Kingdom,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

Before the baptisms, local believers gathered alongside the river for prayer and teaching

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