A Book, The Word and Hungry Hearts

20 Jul

A Book, The Word and Hungry Hearts

Pictures of pastors in India with David Servant's discipleship book
Indian pastors equipped with The Disciple-Making Minister in the Telegu language

A Book, The Word and Hungry Hearts

Making disciples in India

Dear {FIRST_NAME Family},

Many of you, no doubt, are fans of David Servant‘s e-teachings. He is a prolific writer and his books, teachings and seminars have ministered to Christian leaders around the world for over two decades. He has visited more than 40 countries, teaching disciple-making skills to thousands of pastors.

His most popular and beloved publication is The Disciple-Making Minister, a compilation of his 40 years of experience as both a pastor and a teacher, in which he addresses significant issues Christian leaders face today. David’s foundational conviction is that every Christian leader should be making disciples who obey all of Christ’s commandments.

To date, The Disciple-Making Minister is accessible in 38 major languages, with a Japanese translation scheduled to commence this summer (to learn how you can help support this translation, please click here). Each translation was driven by the need to equip ministers to disciple growing audiences who are hungry for a deeper understanding of the calling the Lord has placed on His people to “go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19).

India is one of those places where the TDMM is greatly valued. The Indian pastors, pictured below, consider the book to be, “a tuition-free Bible school in our hands.” Next to the Bible, it’s the only source of training many pastors in developing nations have to feed their hungry flocks.

Picture of Pastor Paul Akbar teaching using The Disciple-Making Minister
Pastor Paul Akbar (of Hyderabad, India) uses The Disciple-Making Minister in all twenty of his pastor conferences he hosts each year

The Books for Discipleship Ministry provides vital discipleship training support for all the ministries of Heaven’s Family. A single copy of The Disciple-Making Minister can impact thousands of lives for eternity!

Together in Him,

Peter Wray
Director, Books for Discipleship Ministry

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