Diapers for the Disabled

16 Oct

Image of Sean and his parentSean with his parents receiving the diapers they need to care for him

Diapers for the Disabled

Sean’s family can now care for him because of a gift of diapers and formula

Dear Family,

Sean is a 14-year-old boy living in Zimbabwe who has a severe disability. Sean’s condition requires supervision at all hours of the day and expensive supplies.

Sean’s parents both stay at home and take turns caring for him. They have both tried many times to find work, but due to high unemployment rates in their country, they have found no jobs. With the expensive cost of Sean’s care, and having no jobs, his family has struggled to afford supplies like diapers and formula for him.

But because of your generosity in giving to the Critical Medical Needs Ministry, Sean’s family has been supplied with enough diapers and formula for an entire year. His parents are now able to look after their son without anxiety and give him the love and support he needs. His mother recently told us “I now understand God gave me Sean because I am the right person to take care of his needs”.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Sean and his family. Through your support you have not only helped Sean, but also helped to change the lives of many other individuals with complex medical needs and disabilities around the world as well!

Image of the director of the Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Rachel Reed
Director, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

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