Finding Mom & Dad

Yama with his little brother Pasa, whom he had just met prior to this picture being taken

Finding Mom & Dad

Two brothers connect with their family for the first time in 3 years

Dear Friends,

Excitement filled the air in a village in Kayah State, Myanmar—everyone felt it. All had come out to see Toe and Yama (names changed for security purposes), two hometown boys returning after a three-year absence. Toe and Yama have spent those years at an orphanage hundreds of miles from their family’s home, and getting them back home was going to be no easy task.

Part of the reintegration process involves finding the biological families of children placed in orphanages, many of whom were sent by caring but impoverished parents for better care and an education, or placed there due to separation from their parents in areas of military conflict. In the case of Toe and Yama finding their biological parents proved to be especially difficult, as the boys only knew their parents’ first names and the general area they were from. But after hours of work and many phone calls, our team was successful!

The next step in the reintegration process is to assess the home where the children may potentially be placed, to ensure it is a safe and healthy environment. Observing how a child behaves when visiting his or her family is imperative. Our team scheduled the weekend visit I mentioned at the beginning, and after three years a little uncertainty could be seen on the faces of Toe and Yama—how would they be received?

Both boys were shy at first, and were surprised to learn that they had two new siblings—now there were eight of them! Conversation was also a bit difficult, as both Toe and Yama had forgotten their native tongue (forcing all to communicate in the national language of Burmese), but within just a few hours both boys appeared to fit right back into their family—the dream we can only hope and pray for.

Heaven’s Family staff member Joney Thawng Hup with Toe (12 years old) and Yama (9 years old) and their six other siblings

The whole family together again

After this weekend visit, Toe and Yama returned to the orphanage to await completion of the home assessment. This step of the process takes time, but our social work team works hard to ensure that every child returns home to a safe and loving family.

There are a number of challenges this family still faces, such as the boys’ father’s job that keeps him away from the family for months at a time, which placing a lot of extra work on their mother’s shoulders, but, we’re hopeful and optimistic that we’ll be able to return both Toe and Yama back to their family. Your continued prayers for the Orphan’s Tear Ministry are greatly appreciated!


Stephen Servant
Director, Orphan’s Tear Ministry

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