Florence is Walking Again!

16 Apr

Florence is Walking Again!

Florence is Walking Again!

David’s 5th Photo-Blog from East Africa

Although it is not easy to tell from this photo, Florence (at left) has prosthetic legs, provided for her by Heaven’s Family’s Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry. In a demonic rage, her husband cut off both her feet with a machete. More details in this blog.

One of the blessings of taking overseas trips for Heaven’s Family is that we often get to personally meet, for the first time, those whom we have helped through our indigenous partners. Such was the case yesterday in Uganda with Florence and her two children.

Florence’s husband was convinced by a witch doctor that the curse of poverty would be broken over his life if he would sacrifice one of his children. Florence was horrified when he told her what he intended to do, so she fled to the home of a neighbor. When her husband tracked her down, he killed one his and Florence’s children with a machete. He also killed one of the neighbor’s children. He almost cut off the arm of another one of his and Florence’s children (the little girl in the photo). And then he hacked off both of Florence’s feet. (He is now in prison.)

Heaven’s Family’s Widows and Abandoned Women’s Ministry came to her rescue, paying for her hospital bills, rehabilitation and prosthetic legs. We also set her up in a small business. Through it all, Florence came to Jesus, and she was baptized a few weeks ago.

I’m happy to report that she has able to walk well. Her little daughter needs additional surgery on her elbow, which we hope to provide.

We met quite a few other Ugandan widows and abandoned women today whom Heaven’s Family has helped—some with small houses and others with small businesses. They are so grateful, and they all made quite an effort to express their gratitude. Some even gave us handmade gifts. Below are a few of their photos, plus some other photos from our time in Uganda. God is good! — David

This is a widow for whom we paid off a high-interest loan that she had used to start a chicken egg business. With her business, she not only cares for her own children, but also a few orphans who live with her.

This widow was so thankful for how Heaven’s Family had helped her that she knelt on the ground as she told us her story. Two other similar beneficiaries are in the background behind her.

These are two of our trusted partners in Uganda, Jude and Christina Agaba. I met Jude in Kenya some years ago at a conference for ministers who were successfully engaged in starting Dsiciple-Making Movements. I eventually introduced Jude to Jerry Jefferson, who taught him the basics of Farming God’s Way. That significantly changed his and his wife’s lives for the better, as well as many others with whom they are sharing the methods. This photo was taken in their thriving field.

Through Jude’s efforts to make disciples who make disciples, the movement he began a few years ago has multiplied to 160 groups that meet regularly to worship, study God’s Word, pray, and encourage one another to obey Jesus. Many of Jude’s key leaders (in this photo) gathered to share with our team reports of their wonderful success.

Not all the natives are friendly: Although big sister seems welcoming, little brother is not so sure about the smiling mzungu (foreigner)!

This little girl is not wearing Crocs. She’s wearing alligators!

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