Food for Orphans – New Rice Field for Grace Orphanage

31 Jul

Food for Orphans – New Rice Field for Grace Orphanage

In order to help provide food for orphans, in June we were able to give Grace Orphanage in Myanmar the funds to purchase their own 8-acre rice field. Now, with their own rice field, they will be able to grow adequate food for the orphans.

The director of Grace Orphanage writes:

Our kids like to go to rice field so much. If we just choose some of the older orphans the rest are so sad. So, when they are off school we let them go sometimes.

Below are some photos of the orphans at Grace Orphanage working in their new rice field, growing their own food:

Orphans working in rice field
Orphans and orphanage directors working together to grow their own food

This rice field will provide food for the orphans
Rice field which will yield much food for the orphans

Want to help another orphanage in Myanmar become self-sufficient in providing their own food? You can help provide a rice field for an orphanage by clicking here.

Click here to watch a video on how a rice field can make a big difference for an orphanage in Myanmar.

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