From Starvation to Salvation

Sarah is grateful that the days of homelessness are behind her!

From Starvation to Salvation

How a homeless widow with six children found a place to belong

Sarah dug through the trash, her stomach rumbling and six hungry children swarming around her. The roadside was her mattress, the sky her roof. Meals were nothing but morsels from the trash, and hunger was a constant companion.

To be a homeless widow with HIV in Uganda truly meant living in the ash heap. Sarah spent many days searching for straw in the bush to create makeshift brooms that she could sell on the streets for money to buy food. Some of her kids were old enough to work, but there were no jobs to be found.

Sarah still vividly remembers those days even though they are now more than 10 years ago. Thanks be to God, Sarah was rescued from homelessness and the constant scrambling to feed her family after she met a woman from our partner’s discipleship group, Women of Hope. After our partner helped Sarah and her children find food and housing, she began to heal from the trauma and abandonment she had experienced when her husband died.

Sarah is truly grateful to be delivered. Through weekly meetings, these women  have been there for her in so many ways. Their bond is deep, as they have walked through the hardships of life together as women suffering the stigma of abandonment and AIDS in Uganda. She is also grateful for the help she has received with recent medical needs.

Thank you for allowing God’s love to shine in the darkest places on earth through the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. You are so appreciated!

For “the least of these”,

Burt and Patty Forney,

Directors, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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