From the Land of Possible

11 Jun

From the Land of Possible

Picture of Ines
Ines, one of our newest rescues

From the Land of Possible

A few reminders that God is still at work

Dear Friends,

It’s easy to get discouraged in our world today, but the Lord frequently reminds me that all things are possible with Him! As summer begins to peak above the horizon, I want to encourage you, too, with some hopeful things that many of you are a part of through prayer and financial gifts.

I am blessed to report that I have been granted full custody of 14-year-old Ines. I am amazed at the favor God has given us with authorities now, because these things typically take much longer. I cannot share many details about our court cases, but let me just say that the perpetrators did not want to lose Ines (remember, she was their main source of income since she was little), and they even confronted us at the courthouse, refusing to sign the custodian papers despite the many violations against them (remember that criminal prosecution hardly happens in developing nations—there is not enough criminal investigators, finances, nor police enforcement). When they refused to sign and insisted on taking her back with them, the Judge looked at them with such authority, then gave them a choice—sign or else! They signed and we took her home to safety. We are so happy to have Ines as part of our family! She is excelling in school now, and finishes the 6th grade in July. I look forward to buying her first pretty dress for her July graduation!

Back to Village 1. No, that’s not a sequel to a time-travel movie, but a reminder that we are terracing the land during the next few weeks and hope to move once school is out in mid-July. We’re still praying for the funds to rebuild dorms using concrete block, rather than wood, for increased safety for the children. (Click here if you want to invest in some very special blocks for the children!) We are blessed that the bathroom renovations are complete and we now have flush toilets instead of outhouses—YAY! I’m so thankful for small blessings such as this—we take so much for granted back in the States! I’m also excited about returning the children to the land they love and miss so much.

The churches are all doing well. We are blessed to have 14 full-time national missionaries now. They visit each church and mission, and are teaming up more in order to pioneer new churches for Jesus. Please keep them and their precious families in your prayers.

Both rehabs continue to receive men, young and old, suffering from horrible addictions. We lead them into relationship with Jesus, and help restore them and their families.

The Children’s Home stays busy, busy, busy, but I am so very blessed that the children are all progressing in every area. This month has been full of appointments with doctors (a lot of the children we rescue suffer STDs that we must deal with annually), dentists (about 30+ cavities filled and 9 retainers made), and lots of homework and tests!! Again, I thank God for a wonderful staff!

Sed and Liz are doing very well at Camp Pendleton. They are enjoying the California weather and love finally being their own family! We look forward to Liz’s college graduation in just one year. Jasmine is also doing well. She’s completed 11th grade, and plans to finish her 12th midway through her senior year—we are so proud of her!! Please pray for God’s leading as she makes her next decision. Thanks so much!

A Big Opportunity!

There are still so very many children to rescue from the atrocity of sex trafficking and we will continue to rescue all that we can…but we are at our financial and staff capacity at this moment. I had the honor of meeting an amazing man from England (via Skype and a mutual friend/supporter) a few weeks ago who has done social work for over 36 years—almost 30 of them with his local government—in child protection, adoption and fostering. He and his wife vigorously defend the child’s right to live in a loving family rather than an institution, and promotes family-based care alternatives. I hope to begin training under them and begin this foster care system where we are in Mexico to enable us to rescue many more children from horrible abuse and place them in loving, caring, safe homes to grow and be cared for. Please keep this in your prayers, at it is an extremely huge task—but not impossible!

Picture of Mexican family
Our Father wants all kids to be blessed with loving families such as this one

Thank you for reading my updates. Thank you for your prayers and financial help because together we are expanding God’s kingdom throughout south-central Mexico. I hope you know that we really do pray for you each day, and I know God smiles when he hears the sweet little voices of the children asking Him to “Bless all the wonderful people who send us money so we can eat, study and stay safe forever.” Their prayers are so sweet and sincere…and so very grateful. Thank you for helping the least of these. Many, many blessings!!

Valuing Life, Nicole

Jason & Nicole Fitzpatrick
Heaven’s Family Expatriate Missionaries Serving in Mexico

A Two-Pic Tour: Despite all its problems, Mexico is still a beautiful place!

Picture of building in Mexico

Picture of lamps

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