Good Soil for Making Disciples

09 Jun

Image of baptismJude baptizing a new disciple.

Good Soil for Making Disciples

Discipleship and farming are slowly changing Uganda

Dear Family,

As an invaluable supporter of this ministry, you know we talk a lot about Disciple Making Movements at Heaven’s Family. Your donations are going a long way to help make these movements possible.

Last June in Uganda, we taught our Farming God’s Way trainers to make disciples. Jude, one of our national missionaries, assisted us with the training. He was amazed when he saw the yields of our farmers. He lives in a farming community and had even tried farming himself in the past, but he experienced only failure. Our Farming God’s Way trainer, Joshua, began to teach him effective farming principles as they traveled together.

As a trainer of trainers for our Disciple Multiplication Ministry, Jude has great potential influence in Uganda. But now, farming has increased his ability to multiply disciples. Here is an exciting story Jude shared with us about Ruth, a woman who has applied his training and seen great results:

Ruth is a 43-year-old abandoned mother of four children. She was welcomed at our Disciple Making Movements trainings. She learned discipleship tools and how to disciple others. This caused her to realize she was not obeying the Lord’s commands. She decided to welcome 10 people at her home to start discipling them. They met every week and she taught them what she had learned.

After three months, they started going out to share the gospel with others. In the search for persons of peace, Ruth shared the gospel with Josephine. Josephine received Jesus and was baptized. Then Josephine invited her friends and neighbors to meet in her home and the second-generation church was born. Now they are looking for the third generation.

Ruth also came to our Farming God’s Way training. She felt touched and convicted. Immediately she decided to put into practice what she had learned. She planted her small home garden and covered it with God’s blanket (mulch).

When I visited her this month, I was amazed at her faith and obedience. She had already started helping others in her church group practice Farming God’s Way! Pray for her to multiply disciples and for Farming Gods’ Way in her community to solve the food crisis!

Image of Ruth in her gardenRuth standing in her garden.

Your help is needed to support Jude so he can continue making disciples like Ruth. Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter? If you are interested, you can sponsor him here.

Thank you for continuing to make disciples who reproduce around the world. You are a vital part of this ministry.

Grace and peace,

Image of the director of the Disciple Multiplication Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Disciple Multiplication Ministry

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