Harvest Time [David’s 4th Blog from Zimbabwe and Malawi]

19 Feb

Harvest Time [David’s 4th Blog from Zimbabwe and Malawi]

Preaching at our campaign with interpreter Charles Mithowa. It was so dark inside the church that I had to stand by the side door when I wanted to read Bible verses.

Dear Friends,

After our arrival in modern town of Blantyre yesterday, we drove our minivan about an hour into the countryside, which was like going back in time 200 years. In the rural areas, people live in tiny mud-brick houses and survive by subsistence farming, mostly growing corn. Rain has been abundant this year, and a bumper harvest is in site. But what is good for corn is not always good for outdoor evangelistic campaigns.

Due to the rain, our campaign in the village of Chidothe had to be moved inside. The service was already in progress by the time we arrived, and about 200 adults and children were tightly packed into a mud-brick church with a rough concrete floor and a roof of tin sheets. People were standing or sardined on simple backless benches. Because of all the body heat, it was at least 15 degrees warmer inside than outside, but that did not deter the worship leaders, and just about everyone else, from dancing and worshipping with exuberance.

I learned that 17 people had come forward to repent at yesterday’s meeting (which I missed because of our delay from Zimbabwe). There were, however, still souls to be harvested. At the close of my message on true repentance, Charles Mithowa, our host pastor, Farming-God’s Way practitioner, and soon-to-be-microbanker, invited sinners needing grace to come forward. While angels rejoiced, about 20 responded, some with tears. Our plan is to baptize them all after our final meeting tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers. — David

A little Malawian beauty

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