Her Reputation Precedes Her

27 Sep

Representative photo of undercover missionary, Nora
Nora, an undercover Heaven’s Family partner, was recently invited behind enemy lines to do what no one else could
(*Representative photo used to protect identity)

Her Reputation Precedes Her

An undercover missionary does the impossible inside Pakistan

Dear Family,

“What was I doing wrong?” As a Pakistani Imam (leader of the local Muslim mosque), Ahmed’s authority rested on his ability to display spiritual power. So why couldn’t he cast out the demon tormenting the daughter of the desperate couple that had sought his help?

Habib and Deeba came begging Ahmed for help, even paying large sums of money so he and the other Muslim leaders would get rid of the dark spiritual forces that possessed their daughter. Despite their best efforts, Ahmed and the others failed. But Ahmed felt compassion for them, so he did the unthinkable—he recommended a woman in another city who had a reputation for getting results. “Contact Nora,” Ahmed secretly told them. “She’s a follower of Jesus, and she may be your only hope.”

Nora is a native undercover missionary inside Pakistan and friend of Heaven’s Family. When she received an invitation from Habib and Deeba to come visit, she had jumped at the chance. It would be a risky trip, as the family lived deep inside Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan. If any of the Islamic extremists were alerted of her presence, she would face severe persecution and even death for her Christian evangelistic efforts.

Soon after Nora arrived, Jesus sent the demon fleeing!

Habib and Deeba were overjoyed that their daughter was now free, and offered Nora a large sum of money for the service. It was another critical moment for Nora to display not only the power of Jesus, but his kindness as well. “The gifts of Jesus are free for those who believe,” she humbly explained.

That night, Habib and Deeba’s home filled with extended family and community, all wanting to hear more about Christ and His power to cast out evil. Neighbors had even brought their deaf and mute son, hoping to experience a miracle of their own. Nora prayed fervently, and as everyone watched in awe, the boy spoke. At this point the excitement could no longer be contained. The entire house broke out into a large party, celebrating the restoration of the children!

Because of the loving gifts of those who support this ministry, Nora and many other undercover missionaries just like her are able to bring these kind of transformations into very dangerous areas where the enemy still has strongholds. Nora sends her gratitude, knowing that she can give her life for this work because of her Christian family across the world who support her.

For those of you who give to the Persecuted Christians Ministry, thank you for helping to bring the gospel where it’s needed most.

With a grateful heart,

Ben Croft
Director, Persecuted Christians Ministry


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