How Grace Received Grace to Heal

13 Nov

Grace was more than happy to communicate this time as we stood in the courtyard together!

How Grace Received Grace to Heal

Burt and Patty’s 1st Trip Blog From Kenya

Dear Family,

Burt and I have been in Kenya for about a week. Yesterday we had the privilege of reuniting with Grace, a girl who has overcome a heartbreaking story!

At age 12, Grace (not her real name) was taken as a bride. Can you even imagine the trauma of having no say in this matter? You’re a young girl still in puberty whose life of poverty has already limited your every choice, and now you are supposed to be a wife?

Thankfully, Grace was rescued by an uncle who heard about her plight. Though I don’t have all the details of her escape, I know that she was taken to our partner’s school in Nairobi. At age 12, already married against her will, Grace became a student for the first time in her life. Now she lives in an oasis of peace where kids can just be kids.

When I first met Grace four years ago, she was anxious and fear seemed to radiate from the core of her being. Though she gave me a stilted hug, her body was rigid and her palms must have been sweating. She could not bring herself to speak. What a different experience I had today! Grace expressed her gratefulness for the sponsorship she has received through our Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry, and she readily added, “May the Lord be with you.” I pass these words on to say thank you on her behalf.

It was a joy to see the maturity and growth in Grace’s life as we stood in the courtyard of the campus that has become her home. Her countenance is now one of confidence! She is doing well in school and has caught up to grade level. Grace will continue to live in our partner’s housing while she attends the next level of school in the neighborhood.

Thank you for making a difference in Grace’s life! Because of your love, her future is full of hope. Instead of being a child bride, she is now part of the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ. All glory and honor to God!

For the “least of these,”

Directors of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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