Just in Time For Hana – North Korean Starvation

25 Jun

Just in Time For Hana – North Korean Starvation

North Koreans suffer from famine and starvation
North Korean citizens left distraught and despondent by the grips of starvation

Dear Friends,

Hana had already helplessly watched her parents slowly succumb to starvation. Shortly after they died, Hana’s husband also slipped into eternity for lack of food. Now she was left alone with her younger sister, and they both knew it was just a matter of time for them. Both were malnourished and hungry and on the brink of starvation.

As starvation took its toll, Hana’s sister became very ill and frail. Hana searched frantically to find any food that could save her sister’s life. She succeeded in finding one small loaf of bread and rushed home. But she was too late. As Hana gently placed a small piece into her sister’s mouth, she silently passed away.

Hana, now all alone, knew her own death was imminent. Her fear, bitterness, and grief were overshadowed only by her hatred for the North Korean government for its failed policies and for withholding foreign aid during a famine. Thousands of North Korean citizens had died of starvation.

Hope in the Midst of North Korean Starvation

Thankfully, one of our partners, Mrs. L., along with other underground North Korean church leaders, found Hana and reached out to her before starvation could take her life. They provided Hana with food that was smuggled into North Korean territory, in part, because of gifts to Heaven’s Family’s North Korean Christians Fund. They also shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. Hana’s heart was softened and she gave her life to the Lord.

Thank you so much for your compassion. Because of your gifts, Hana and others like her are not only receiving bread to eat, but also the Bread of Life.

Elisabeth Walter


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  • Johnny

    I am a Soldier serving in the US Army in Korea. The poor believers in North Korea are the most persecuted believers on the earth. It is so encouraging to know that someone is supporting the underground Church there. May God liberate North Korea speedily and may he bless your ministry for this bold and courageous outreach.

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