New Homes After Persecution in Orissa

23 Apr

New Homes After Persecution in Orissa

Group of believers who lost homes during the persecution in Orissa
Some of the Indian families who lost their homes because of the persecution in Orissa. They were driven from their villages when they were attacked by Hindu fanatics. Heaven’s Family is helping them build new homes on new land.

“There is no limit to the joy these poor persecuted believers had at the ground breaking of each of their houses,” Pastor John Vincely wrote. He was reporting about Christians who were affected by the recent persecution in Orissa, India. Their homes were destroyed by radical Hindu mobs in August 2008.

Because of your gifts to the Persecuted Christians Fund, believers are rejoicing who lost everything in violent rampages aimed at eradicating Christianity from the Indian state of Orissa. The Hindus were so bold that they burned down houses and took over the Christians’ land. For nearly two years, these Christian families—displaced by the persecution in Orissa—have been living in tents at refugee camps.

Temporary tent homes for believers in Orissa
Extended families have been living in tents at refugee camps for nearly two years while praying for a break-through

Although the Indian government has not afforded them justice, it has recently provided help for refugees to obtain property near a neighboring village. Twenty-four families have been able to purchase their own tiny plot of land (50 x 15 feet) and begin construction of their new homes, helped, in part, by Heaven’s Family. Twenty-five other families from the same village are working to save enough money to complete the purchase of their land. We hope to help them with their new homes as well, which are quite inexpensive by Western standards.

New homes being built for Christians displaced by persecution
Construction of new homes for twenty-four Christian families who lost everything in the August 2008 attacks

At a groundbreaking ceremony, the families rejoiced at what our Lord has done to provide for their needs. Materials have been purchased in bulk, and labor on all twenty-four houses is being done at the same time. Soon, families will be living in their new homes.

Orissa family
Raj Kumar (2nd from right), his wife, and five daughters had their home burned to the ground and lost their farm land when Hindu fanatics attacked. The morning after, the mob returned while Raj was at the police station pleading for help. His wife and daughters survived by locking themselves in a concrete building with iron gates, which the attackers could not penetrate. Here they pose with Pastor John (far right) at the groundbreaking ceremony of their new home.

Thank You for Standing with Our Spiritual Family During the Persecution in Orissa

Thank you for sharing in the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Your contributions to the Persecuted Christians Fund have expressed the love of Jesus, and have touched the hearts of those who have endured hardship for their faith in Him.

Together in the Master’s Plan,

David Warnock
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund

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