Mama Mercy

Mercy, the name given to the then-pregnant cow last November, with her new calf

Mercy me, another baby calf has been born in Cuba!

Late last year a team from Heaven’s Family visited Cuba just after Hurricane Sandy had caused widespread damage in the eastern portion of the poverty-stricken island nation. During that visit, HF staff purchased dozens of chickens for egg production, and tons of rice, pasta and cooking oil for poor believers living in one of the coastal towns hit especially hard by the devastating storm. Besides these food items, we also purchased two cows to provide milk for them. I’m happy to report that there are now four cows! [click here for the story in our April magazine]

At the time of purchase, one mama cow was still weening a recently birthed calf, so the owner generously “threw in” the calf as part of the sale, at no extra cost. The other cow was pregnant, and as you can see in the photo above, she has delivered a healthy baby calf!

Praise God for multiplying your investment, enabling your gift to the Food Fund to go further to help the “least of these”!

It’s food with legs! Rather than perpetuating handouts, we are seeking more ways of helping our suffering brothers and sisters by providing them with livestock and seeds so that they can become independent of the need for ongoing handouts. We cannot serve in this way without your love and compassion, so thank you so much!!

In Christ,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Fund

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