Myanmar Trip Day 8 – Our First Foster Family

19 Nov

Myanmar Trip Day 8 – Our First Foster Family

Kee Yawng is now happy to live with her new family!

Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce you to Benjamin Sang Uk Lian and his family. Benjamin has been close friends with the director of Newborn Babies Orphanage, BT John, since they attended Bible school together in their younger days. BT John recently introduced him to the idea of foster care. Benjamin and his wife already have two small children, but they were excited about the possibility of bringing one or two orphans into their family. So they told BT John that if any more orphans were brought to his orphanage they would like to take one into their own home to raise as their own child. 

About a month later, in May of this year, Kee Yawng was brought to Newborn Babies. Both of her parents had recently died and none of her relatives were able to take care of her. After they met each other, Benjamin and his wife agreed to start caring for her. Now seven months later, they are just like family. Kee Yawng now feels comfortable enough to call her foster parents father and mother, and their two youngest children call her sister!

Now Kee Yawng is in 8th grade and wants to become a Bible school teacher when she grows up. She said she is learning a lot from her new parents about Jesus and about having good character. 

I am so thankful that Kee Yawng can have a family of her own who will love her and be there for her for the rest of her life. 

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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