Only the Beginning

02 Jan

Picture of Farming God's Way meeting
Dick Samuels (blue shirt) and Jerry Jefferson (seated with white shirt) lead a meeting of Malawian pastors who are all being trained in Farming God’s Way practices, and who are training the people of their congregations

Only the Beginning

David’s FINAL final blog from Malawi

I hope you’ll forgive me—and I know you will (because Christians forgive)! My previous blog wasn’t actually my final blog. I’ve reserved what is most important for this blog, which will be my final blog from Malawi.

If you’ve read my first five blogs, you’ve learned about the incredible fruit our Farming God’s Way Ministry is bearing in Africa. Entire communities are being transformed. What God is doing through FGW is powerful and incredibly exciting! And if I were to end my Malawi blogs without inviting you to link arms with the frontline soldiers who are making Farming God’s Way possible, I’d be doing them—and the hundreds of farmers whom they are training (and yet to train)—a great disservice.

The plain fact is, our Farming God’s Way Ministry is sorely under-funded. And because of a lack of funds, the work is being hindered from expanding as it should. There are still millions of impoverished—and sometimes starving—farmers who desperately need our biblically-based training. So, I’d like to ask you to consider changing all of that through a very simple, and exciting, partnership.

For the first time ever, we are offering the opportunity for you to partner directly with the “boots on the ground”—our Farming God’s Way trainers. For as little as $1/day ($30/month) all the way up to $12/day ($360/month) you can sponsor one of these poverty-busting, disciple-making trainers.

Picture of Farming God's Way team
From left to right): Jerry Jefferson (USA), Petro Mahedi (Malawi), Dickson Shuwali (all-African director of Farming God’s Way International, Malawi), Onifaro Mususa (Zimbabwe), Griffin Juma Barasa (Kenya), Joseph Maravanyika (Zimbabwe), Joshua Kakandi (Uganda), Maxwell Munyawa (Malawi), Charles Mithowa (Malawi), Dick Samuels (USA). Not pictured are Peter Nzumutashya and Venuste Nyrimbabazi, both from Rwanda, who could not obtain visas to attend our gathering.

After spending night and day for more than a week with these men, trekking around Malawi together, I couldn’t more highly recommend a more worthy partnership.

Because this sponsorship option is so brand new, these trainers aren’t even posted on our website yet. You truly do have “first dibs” at investing in their ministries! Their individual photos and bios can be found below.

So, if you’d like to sponsor any of these trainers (or if you have any questions), please contact me, letting me know who you’d like to partner with and at what amount per month. One of our staff members will reach out to you to complete the process. And you will receive frequent updates from your sponsored trainer.

OK, this time I am truly signing off from my Malawi blogs! Thanks for joining me on this trip!

Picture of David's signature

David Servant
Founder and President, Heaven’s Family

P.S. Please contact me if you’d like to link your life with one of our very worthy, dedicated Farming God’s Way Ministry trainers!

Picture of Farming God's Way trainer, Charles
Charles is married to Regina, and they have 7 children. In 2012, Charles and nearly 30 of his very poor neighbors received Farming God’s Way training. Quickly he realized that Farming God’s Way had the potential to transform entire villages by preaching the gospel, making disciples, while implementing Farming God’s Way, thus eliminating hunger and poverty. Today Charles oversees a team of once-poor Farming God’s Way trainers who have successfully introduced Farming God’s Way to nearly a thousand once-poor farmers in Malawi.

Picture of Farming God's Way trainer, Griffin
Griffin lives in Saboti, Kenya with his wife Philomena and 4 sons (1 adopted). Griffin graduated from technical school with a certificate in forestry but could find no work in his field. In April 2014, Griffin attended his first Farming God’s Way training and immediately realized that helping the rural poor by preaching the gospel and teaching Farming God’s Way was his passion.

Picture of Farming God's Way trainer, Joseph
Joseph (pictured far right) lives in Mutare, Zimbabwe with his teenaged daughter and son. His wife died of cancer about 5 years ago. Joseph pastors a small church of poor farm workers. When the Farming God’s Way movement began in Zimbabwe, Joseph was trained in Farming God’s Way. He has been an effective Farming God’s Way trainer in eastern Zimbabwe since.

Picture of Farming God's Way trainer, Joshua
Joshua (pictured in the plaid shirt) lives in rural eastern Uganda. He is recently married, and he and his wife Asia are expecting their first child. Joshua was a very poor high school graduate with no future until someone invited him to receive some Farming God’s Way training. He gladly embraced Farming God’s Way and began to implement it at a demonstration farm. Soon he became the farm manager, responsible for food production and FGW training of the farm staff. After serving several years as the farm manager, Joshua became Heaven’s Family’s trainer in Uganda.

Picture of Farming God's Way trainer, Oni
Oni is married to Wendy and they have 4 children. Oni has been ministering to the homeless of his town, Mutare, for many years. While ministering on the streets, Oni and Joseph met and became close friends. Today they give Farming God’s Way training to homeless men on the streets of Mutare while ministering to their spiritual and emotional needs. They intend to send these broken men back to their families, made whole in Christ, with the family sustaining skill of Farming God’s Way.

Picture of Farming God's Way trainer, Peter
Peter lives near Kigali, Rwanda with his wife and 2 children. As a child survivor of the 1994 genocide, he qualified for a university scholarship in Rwanda. Peter has overseen the introduction of Farming God’s Way in several poor Rwandan villages.

Picture of Farming God's Way team
Venuste lives near Kigali, Rwanda with his wife and 3 children. Venuste received Farming God’s Way training and immediately discovered God’s calling on his life. He was part of the initial Heaven’s Family Farming God’s Way implementation in Rwanda, and has since successfully introduced Farming God’s Way in several poor villages.

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