Orphanage Life in Myanmar

25 Jun

Orphanage Life in Myanmar

Orphan boy in Myanmar feeds baby chicksThese little balls of fluff don’t live at New Heritage Orphanage in Myanmar just because they are cute; they have a job to do! When they grow up they will help sustain life by providing eggs for the orphans to eat.

Dear Friend,

Every month we receive newsletters and photos from our orphanages informing us on orphanage life and of what went on in the lives of the children that month. I’ve collected a few of those photos this month (mainly from Myanmar) to share with you so that you can get a taste of what orphanage life is like for hundreds of Orphan’s Tear-sponsored children. New dorms, gardens, Bibles, mosquito nets, desks… none of this would have been possible without you. On behalf of the children, thanks so much! Read and may your life be blessed!

A Glimpse of Orphanage Life…

Orphans in Myanmar worship God at Vacation Bible SchoolWorshiping God at Vacation Bible School – Love in Action Children’s Home, Myanmar

Eight orphanages in Myanmar came together to have a Vacation Bible School for 118 children during their school break. They sang songs, read Bible stories, played games, and made new friends. Writes the director of Faith Orphanage in Myanmar: “All the children were very happy and enjoy the conference [VBS] very much. They all pray for the second conference to be able to held next year at the same time.”

Orphans in Myanmar playing games and enjoying life

Orphans in Myanmar playing soccerFun and games are essentials of orphanage life at Living Hope Orphanage in Myanmar

Elsewhere in the country the children were having fun during their school break, too! The children at Living Hope Orphanage in Myanmar divided into two teams for a game of soccer. According to the director: “This time the white team had won yellow team by 5-9 goals. They were very happy in their sport.” The orphanage kids are so full of life!

New building for this orphanage in MyanmarNew dorm at Nazareth Children’s Home, Myanmar

Nazareth Children’s Home, another orphanage in Myanmar, was forced by the government to relocate closer to a nearby town. Once they complied, they were told that they needed a separate dormitory for the boys and girls. Gifts to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund enabled us to help them start construction on a separate dorm.

Babies playing at orphanage in MyanmarPlaying at Newborn Babies Orphanage in Myanmar

The children of Newborn Babies Orphanage in Myanmar are praying for their own dorm. Right now they are renting a home, so everyday life is crowded.

"Orphans in Kenya receive new desksNew desks for the children at Lynsi Love Orphanage

The children at Lynsi Love Orphanage in Kenya had 13 desks. With one class of 40 and another class of 28 children, the conditions were cramped, to put it mildly! But thanks to gifts to the Education Fund, now they have 21 new desks.

Orphans in Myanmar hikingKids from New Eden Orphanage in Myanmar hiking up the mountain

The children of New Eden Orphanage in Myanmar took a trip to a prayer garden, which required a hike up the mountain to pray. The director writes: “The Holy Spirit move upon us and we were fill with the Holy Spirit. During on the mount, especially we remember you all and whosoever supporting our children.” Prayer is a foundational part of orphanage life.

Orphans in Myanmar sleep protected under mosquito netsHealthier and happier: sleeping under mosquito nets at Faith Orphanage in Myanmar

Thanks to some new mosquito nets, the children at Faith Orphanage in Myanmar don’t have to worry about getting bit while they are sleeping. This helps prevent malaria and preserve life, which is a wonderful thing!

Orphans in Myanmar receive new BiblesNew Bibles at Faith Orphanage, Myanmar

The children of Faith Orphanage in Myanmar also attended a crusade during their school break. The director writes: “They all are refreshed up by the word of God. We give them Burmese version New Testament Holy Bible. They are very happy to received. They are very proud of their new Bible.” Spending time in God’s Word of Life is also another vital part of orphanage life.

Orphanage garden in MyanmarGardening at Goshen Orphanage in Myanmar

Thanks to their garden, the children at Goshen Orphanage in Myamar can enjoy their own life-sustaining vegetables for dinner. All the children pitch in to help weed and water their garden. The more vegetables they can grow, the less they have to buy, and their food bill is reduced.

Orphans recite Scripture in MyanmarReciting scripture at Jordan Orphanage in Myanmar

The director of Jordan Orphanage in Myanmar writes: “The girl standing in the photo is Zion Par Mawi, was reciting the scripture Rom 12:9-15 and the boy is Pau Hen Sut too was reciting the same. Both of the two won the first prize each in their competition of Burmese Weslyan Church congregation.”

On Behalf of Each Orphanage in Myanmar and Kenya: Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, the Rice Fields for Orphanages Fund, or the Education Fund! As you can see from the photos, your support really is making a difference in the life of each precious orphan and is greatly improving daily orphanage life.

For the children,

Charity McDaniel


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    Hi charity thanks for the organized and support for your team.PRAISE THE LORD
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  • Chan Thawng

    Hi Orphan’s Tear,

    You are really God’s Hands and feet. Many people see that God is Love through your love in action!
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