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20 Jul

Myanmar orphan ready for school
Lal Hlun Thang from Emmanuel Childcare Center in Yangon is all ready for school

Once again, I am so blessed by what God is doing among the 50 orphanages that we help each month. In this month’s mini-update, I’ve got reports about children witnessing in their school, families coming to Jesus, God’s protection during a heat wave, and the exciting news of one of our older Myanmar children getting married!

Children Threatened Due to Preaching

I’m so proud of the children at Emmanuel Childcare Center in Myanmar. They are reaching out to their classmates despite persecution. And God is blessing the fruit of their labor! Below is what the director of this Myanmar orphanage recently wrote to us:

It is good news for us that since this time is the rainy season and a schooling time for the children according to the academic system of Myanmar, our children also attend the school everyday. As the Lord (Emmanuel God) is with us and He is leading and guiding our children very day. He also allows them to preach the gospel to the students who are sitting around them. The Lord blessed our children’s preaching and teaching, so the five students those who have listened the good news were brought to our house every night by the Holy Spirit. They are coming and studying with our children every night and have a carefully attention to our children speaking like a thirsty one.

By doing this, our children who are studying grade ‘8’ were threatened to beat them by the families of the unbelievers who are near relatives of those five students and other family as well due to preaching the gospel. Because of these reasons, our children never dare to attend the school alone anymore. We, any one of the parents follow them everyday to the school. After sometimes, those cruel families came to our house and apologized us to forgive them.

We also share our dedicated rice to the families who are sick and poor, we pray for them, so they are so happy and usually come to us to worship the Lord. Eventually, among of them, some of the families also converted into Christianity. We also pray for the sick people of the unbelievers.

Myanmar Children at Bethesda Orphanage Spared During Heat Wave

Bethesda Orphanage and children in Myanmar
The director and children of Bethesda Orphanage in Myanmar

While most of us can simply turn on a fan or the air conditioning when the temperature gets uncomfortably warm, that’s not a possibility for many places in the world, such as much of Myanmar. So when the daily temperature climbed into the hundreds, the children of Bethesda Orphanage in Myanmar went the only place they could escape from the heat—under their house. The director writes:

This month the humidity is very high and unusual in Myanmar. Many people are died because of the heat. One day at least 10 people are died. Since we are staying near the grave yard, we saw many people who are buried in one day. We are so afraid, so we fasted and prayed to God fervently so that these things may not happen to us. God heard our prayer and protected us from the heat. We could not stay inside of our house at noon time for everything inside the house is hot. So we stayed under the house at noon. I praise God for his protection. We are saved by His grace up to this day.

A Wedding at the Handicapped Care Center in Myanmar

One of the handicapped Myanmar children
20-year-old Ngun Za Aung contracted polio when he was 9 years old

We love to hear about our orphans growing up, supporting themselves, and starting families of their own. So we were especially happy to receive news from the director of the Handicapped Care Center in Myanmar that one of his orphans was getting married!

Ngun Za Aung was about 15 years old when he came to live at the Handicapped Care Center in Myanmar. His legs were paralyzed by polio, but he was able to use his hands. And he has put them to good use! He plays the piano, and he also has a business of repairing shoes and umbrellas in Myanmar. Ngun Za Aung has fallen in love and is getting married at the end of this month. We pray that God will bless his marriage.

On Behalf of Our Myanmar Children: Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, the Rice Fields for Orphanages Fund, or the Education Fund! Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of orphans, and they are eternally grateful.

For the children,

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