Images of Valentine with her childValentine has suffered greatly but smiles because of the hope you have given her.

The Ache Within

Meeting the unseen needs of children who have suffered unspeakable abuse

Dear Family,

How many children in this world, whether rich or poor, have an ache in their hearts? It’s an ache that pulses with needs and questions. It longs for an absent father or a mother’s love. These needs were put in us by the God who made us, and He wants to fulfill them.

This ache says:

If I only had a dad, my problems would go away.

I wouldn’t feel so hungry.

My mouth wouldn’t be so dry…

I could go to school and learn to read…

I wouldn’t be so scared.

It would surprise us if we knew how many children suffer like this every single day, year after year!

Valentine understands this gnawing ache in her heart very well. Her dad has been in prison since she was four years old. The Rwandan Genocide left many victims, including the children of those who carried out the violence. Valentine’s dad has already completed almost half of his 30-year sentence, and her mom has HIV.

When Valentine was just 15 years old, she was raped and became a mother as a result. But God, who is kind to those in need, has helped Valentine through your support! Valentine joined our partner’s vocational training and has learned the skill of tailoring, which will help her support herself and her child for many years to come. And not only that, she now has enough food to eat and clean water to drink, which she never takes for granted!

In her own words, “I always pray for those who give to the poor. May the Lord protect and bless you!”

Thank you for showing Valentine the love of our Father by supporting the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. Your generosity has helped Valentine learn a trade, satisfied her thirst, filled her belly, and given her hope!

With gratitude,

Directors of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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