The Blankets of Nomang Orphanage

11 Oct

The Blankets of Nomang Orphanage

blankets for nomang orphanage

Dear Heaven’s Family Friends,

Many of you may not realize that we send out a special e-newsletter to all Orphan’s Tear sponsors and contributors on the 20th of each month. This month, I wanted to send that newsletter to everyone on our e-mail list so you’d have a better idea of what is happening through Orphan’s Tear each month. If you’ve given to Heaven’s Family, you’ve given to Orphan’s Tear whether you realize it or not, because your gifts are what have paid for the all the administration needed for Orphan’s Tear to continue. (100% of all that Orphan’s Tear receives is sent directly to the orphanages.) Not only that, but last month we disbursed $10,000 from the General Fund of Heaven’s Family to help one of our orphanages with a badly-needed new building. So I want you to know what you’ve been doing!

We praise God that in the past two years, 753 orphans in six nations have been sponsored. We’ve built many new dorms and provided quite a few orphanages with their own acreage on which to grow rice. God has proved Himself to be “the Father of the fatherless” (Ps. 68:5).

I hope that you will consider helping Orphan’s Tear provide Christmas gifts this year for each of our orphans, even those who are not yet sponsored. We have a way that everyone can easily afford to do just that! (See information at the end of this newsletter!) God bless you!

— David


The Blankets of Nomang Orphanage

Dear Friends,

The world has been watching Myanmar this month as its military junta brutally crushed peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations in which tens of thousands of people participated. You can only imagine what life is normally like under a government that is so ruthless, and you can begin to understand why there are so many orphans in Myanmar. We currently regularly assist 28 Christian orphanages in that Buddhist country, and sporadically assist about 10 more. We know of 120 others.

Myanmar is one of the world’s poorest countries. 90% of the people there live on less than $1 per day. Food security is a year-round problem for most people. About one-third of the nation’s children are malnourished. Inflation has been running at more than 30%. This is nation that needs a dose of God’s love through those who have been transformed through the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the Myanmar orphanages that we’ve occasionally been able to help—because of contributions to the Special Gifts Fund—is Nomang Orphanage, in Chin State, which is off-limits to foreigners. Chin State is very mountainous, and temperatures fall surprisingly low during the winter. Some time ago the director sent us photos of the blankets his 114 orphans have been using to keep warm at night. You can see a few of those blankets as they were being dried outside in the photos above and below.

orphan with tattered and dirty blankets

I’m happy to report that last month, for $1,000, we were able to provide 100 new blankets for the Nomang Orphanage to replace the rags that the orphans have been using. And they are very thankful as winter approaches. Thank you to everyone who has recently given to the Special Gifts Fund or the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund. We always have needs that are waiting to be filled just like this one.

Joseph’s Orphans Have a Mother!

I’m also happy to report that Joseph Bawi Ceu, director of Emmanuel Orphanage in Kalaymyo, Myanmar, is a happy man! He was married to Par Dim on September 29. Thanks to all who provided the $370 in dowry money that Joseph needed. And there was about $1,000 extra that was given that Joseph will use to benefit the ten orphans in his orphanage. Praise God!

Most Asian women believe that light skin is the most attractive, and so they often bleach their beautiful tan skin!

orhanage and there new mother
An instant family!

A Letter from Shalom Orphanage in Myanmar

Not long ago, during the rainy season in Myanmar, the director of Shalom Orphanage wrote the following email to me:

Sometimes, it look likes the dream that we receive your support, because now every home is in difficult situation for most of the children get sick and go to the hospital or Clinic everyday.

Besides this, we are in an empty handed, have nothing to pay it for the treatment.

Now, every hospital and Clinics are full with sick persons and there is no bed left. And two sick persons sleep in one bed. And some are sleeping at long bench chair.

So, in this time when we receive your support, we are really thanksful to you and to all sponsors because we feel that you make alive some children from the shadow of death. Many people passed away in this season, may be because of lack of financial help from their family for their treatment.

So, it is our prayer that may the Lord give a long life to pastor David and all Sponsors, and make you to be a sucess person in the ministry.

Praise God For…

Last month we disbursed a total of $23,800 to five of our twelve orphanages that have new buildings under construction in Myanmar, Pakistan and Tanzania. Two of them should now have enough to complete their projects, so that leaves us with only ten more to complete! 100% of everything we receive for the Dorms for Orphanages Fund is sent to our orphanages with buildings under construction. Every gift, large and small, adds up to miracles! Thanks!

Christmas is for Children…

Christmas is only two months away! And we know of 1,075 orphans who will not receive a single Christmas gift this year…unless we do something. So like every other year, we’re going to do something, but we need your help. And it actually won’t cost you anything!

This year, consider making a contribution to Orphan’s Tear in honor of a loved one. If you do, we’ll send a card to you or your loved one that lets them know you’ve provided a Christmas gift for an orphan…in their honor. That way you can provide two Christmas gifts…one for your loved one and one for an orphan…all for the price of just one gift!

Everything is set up at Orphan’s Tear under “Make a Difference>Gift Cards.” Give the gift of a gift card today.

We can mail your gift card to you or to the recipient of your gift. All the money that Orphan’s Tear receives from the gift cards is divided among our 35 orphanages so that every one of our 1,075 orphans, sponsored and unsponsored, will receive something this year for Christmas, which will no doubt be their only gift. Generally, the orphanage directors buy the children clothes, shoes or blankets with the special Christmas money that we send them.

Making a contribution to Orphan’s Tear in honor of someone else is like giving a Christmas gift to Jesus, who said, “When you did it unto one of the least of these My brethren, you did it unto Me.” Another benefit is that your loved ones will learn about Orphan’s Tear and perhaps be motivated to sponsor their own orphan. Thanks for seriously considering this.

As always, thanks to every sponsor and every contributor to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund and the Special Gifts Fund. You are “making friends by means of the mammon on unrighteousness” (to borrow a phrase from Jesus—see Luke 16:9).

For the Children,


Orphan’s Tear
P.O. Box 12854
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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