The Fight of His Life

Brother Jian Bo

The Fight of His Life

A former boxer meets his match

Dear Friends,

Jesus has been fighting for the soul of Jian Bo for a long time, but this young Chinese man, a former boxer, had never even heard His name.

Jian Bo came to the city where our base of operations is located to train as a boxer. One day his friend, who was already a believer in Christ, brought Jian Bo with him to the house church our team leads. That’s when the fight for Jian Bo’s soul really began to heat up.

The fight ensued for more than a year as our team worked to build a strong relationship with Jian Bo. As trust developed, we began sharing Christ with him. Not only did our team share the gospel in word with him, but they also lived their lives before him. Jian Bo saw their honest example and responded by surrendering his life to Jesus Christ.

After his conversion, Jian Bo moved into a room on the rooftop of our training center. He received regular training in God’s Word and, just like the disciples followed Jesus almost everywhere He went, Jian Bo shadowed our team in all of our different ministries. (You can see the miraculous growth of Jian Bo’s faith from these pictures—and just last month he was baptized!)

Not surprisingly, Jian Bo is now helping us minister to leprosy colonies, the homeless, and bringing the gospel to unreached people groups. He loves sharing his faith with people who have never heard of Jesus before, just like he hadn’t. The Unreached People Groups Ministry seeks to build Jesus’ kingdom through evangelism and discipleship of the most unlikely and unreached people on earth, and Jian Bo’s story epitomizes what we’re working so hard to accomplish.

On outreach, Jian Bo (on left) shares a Bible with a Buddhist who had never before read Scripture

On a mission trip to the unreached Lalu people group, Jian Bo (on right) shared the gospel with an elderly man who lives in bondage under the shadow of China’s former communist dictator, Chairman Mao, featured on a poster on the wall above above the family altar—which is the cabinet behind the elderly man (see inset). Believers will often hang posters of Jesus over these government-mandated posters of Chairman Mao—which, if discovered, police will forcibly remove.

Jian Bo came to the city to train as a boxer, but God scored the knockout blow first. He’s now enrolled in Jesus’ discipleship training camp. God used Heaven’s Family to carry out his plan for Jian Bo.

It is our mission to reach unreached people and make them committed disciples of Jesus Christ, commissioning them to reach the unreached and minister to the “least of these.” Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support of the Unreached People Groups Ministry.

Many blessings,

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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