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23 Jan

Lydia teaching the children of Ho Khe Village

Dear Friends,

About two years ago, when missionaries Lydia and Nwe Hnin Mee first arrived in Ho Khe Village, Myanmar, to preach the gospel, they faced strong resistance from the hard-hearted Buddhist and animist villagers. Lydia and Nwe Hnin left discouraged and disappointed.

They discovered, however, that Ho Khe village had no school or teachers for their children. With faith and optimism, they returned to the village as school teachers—and this time found themselves warmly welcomed by the villagers! (See the full story in last February’s eMagazine.)

Today, Lydia is still laboring in Ho Khe Village, joined now by sister in Christ and fellow missionary, Naw Mu Mu. They teach the children through the use of Bible stories, and the children pose questions for their teachers such as, “Who is Jesus?” “Is He greater than Buddha?” “Why was He crucified?” The inquisitive students often bring their parents to school, too, and Lydia and Naw Mu Mu eagerly explain the gospel to them.

Lydia and Naw Mu Mu are also teaching the children personal hygiene, conducting a pre-school, ministering to widows, preaching the gospel in neighboring villages—and sleeping if they have time! Here are some great photos that tell their story:

Weekdays, Lydia and Naw Mu Mu are school teachers, but in the evenings and on weekends, they conduct outreaches in neighboring villages and host Bible studies

Lydia and Naw Mu Mu won’t let a little water and mud stop them. Traveling on what is normally a road, they are pictured here on their way to nearby villages.

The playground behind their school was built by Lydia, Naw Mu Mu, and the children all by themselves!

Several adorable children enjoying their homemade slides (watch for splinters!)

After a hard rain, there isn’t much dry ground for playing

Riding on the back of an ox cart on a very damp road, Lydia is off to another village for door-to-door evangelism

I had the privilege of meeting Lydia and Naw Mu Mu this past month when I was in Myanmar. They are grateful for their sponsors for enabling them to fulfill the ministry to which the Lord has called them. Lydia specifically requests prayer to remain strong in the ministry and to not lose hope. Some of the animists she ministers to are very resistant to the gospel.

I also met with with several other worthy national missionaries during my trip to Myanmar (Burma) who are in need of sponsors. Would you prayerfully consider linking your life with one of them, that both of you would receive the blessing from their work?

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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