Dear Friends,

Over the weekend I received an urgent request for prayer from Khmu believers facing persecution in the communist nation of Laos. I want to pass it on to friends like you who care deeply for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

Please pray for 11 orphans in the city of Luang Prabang. The principal of their government-run school is trying to force them to stop going to church and renounce their faith.

The Christian orphans were called into his office on Friday, August 19. He has told them many times to stop going to church, but this time he escalated his threats against them. The orphans, all teenagers, currently have their needs provided by the government through its orphan-care program. They would likely lose all support or face prison sentences if they do not comply with the principal’s demands.

Over the weekend, seven succumbed to the pressure, promising that they would not go to church anymore—but they have not renounced their faith. (If you want to pray for them by name, they are Lieuth, Seuk, Nay Song Hmong, Lawh Hmong, Ko Lee Hmong, Tao Mua Hmong and Khamla.)

Four stood strong and said they would not renounce their faith and that they would keep going to church. (Their names are Sinuan, Aben, Sang and David.)

Please pray that all their hearts will be encouraged so that they can resist these pressures and be true to their faith, no matter what happens. We also pray that they would know that their provision and protection are from the Lord, trusting that He will make a way for them. On their behalf, thank you.

Together with Him,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund


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