Widows Warmed for the Winter

The love of Jesus came knocking on this widow’s door with gifts to keep her warm and fed!

Widows Warmed for the Winter

Simple gifts that show our love to those whom Jesus loves

Dear Friends,

In August of 2014, we traveled to Mexico to meet Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick and to see the amazing work God has led them to do. Since then, we’ve kept in touch with their ministry through emails and social media, but since we became directors of the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry earlier this year, we’ve been even more watchful of their efforts. Having met firsthand many of the widows and abandoned women they love and encourage, we looked for an opportunity to come alongside them.

That opportunity came recently when Nicole asked for help purchasing a blanket and a bag of food for 20 poor widows. But God had even more blessing in mind. In all, Nicole was able to provide a blanket and 2 bags of food for 40 widows and abandoned women with the funds she received!

“Tons” of supplies were put together by the community of believers living at The Village—women who know hardship and are now able to be a part of helping others

Nicole shared with these ladies how much God loves them, and reminded them that they are not alone. She said, “God really moved and they were moved to tears as I laid hands on them and ministered to them.”

Here are more smiles from those who received winter gifts:

We love being a part of a process that first touches our hearts with compassion to help and then concludes with smiles and joy—something we couldn’t do without your generosity to the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry. Thank you very much for partnering with us so that we can show the love of Jesus through simple things like blankets and food in Mexico!


Bruce and Patty Harris
Directors, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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