Women Power

The current drinking water source for the village off Mohamed Khan…but not for long!

Women Power

David’s 3rd Photo-Blog from Pakistan

Today we visited several Marwari villages that have no access to safe water. One was the village of Mohamed Khan, where there are 40 families, of which 15 have become believers in Jesus over the last few years. They currently drink water from a semi-stagnant irrigation ditch which if often dry when the local landowner—for whom they all labor to pay off their debts—diverts the water flow to other locations. When that happens, they must walk further to gather dirty water.

Here’s a photo of the drinking water from the irrigation ditch in Mohamed Khan:


Now, compare that with water in the same glass from a village that is already benefitting from water well, courtesy of Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry:


What a blessing it was to inform the families of Mohamed Khan that a driller would soon be arriving at their village, and within a few weeks, they would never have to drink contaminated water again. Praise God. “I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink” (Matt. 25:35).

We visited Mohamed Khan twice over two days. The people were so precious that it was hard not to leave part of our hearts there. They live in extreme poverty, but their village was actually a little better developed than most others we’ve visited.

Here are two younger residents of Mohamed Khan sitting on a typical rope-bed found in rural Pakistan. In the summer, when temperatures can reach 120 degrees (F), everyone sleeps outside. The beds also often serve as couches or tables.

The women of Mohamed Khan showed us a number of their hand-stitched quilts which they sell for US $10. Diane Scott, who directs Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry, bought one (and paid $20).

Two of my favorite little friends at Mohamed Khan, showing off their fancy pig tail ornaments

This would be a good photo to show to your children, as it illustrates what children’s toys often look like in developing nations. They are most often handmade by the children themselves.

Children are also often responsible for gathering daily drinking water. These kids have to cross a very busy and dangerous motorway to reach this irrigation canal. Their village will also soon have its own water well.

One of my favorite photos (due to the water reflections). These Marwari women, all believers, will soon be able to pump fresh, safe water right at the center of their small village. No more walking several miles, several times a day, to retrieve drinking water, water that is usually unsafe.

Another favorite photo that reminds me of the time in my own country long ago when kids looked wholesome.

IMG_8681.jpegSafe Water is just one of Heaven’s Family’s 14 focused ministries. We also provide strategic Bibles. This pastor and his wife are holding one of them, in their language of Urdu. We’ve met many Pakistani pastors during our travels over the past few days. They are all so thankful for safe water in the villages in which they serve. Thanks to everyone around the world who helps Heaven’s Family meet pressing needs of our spiritual family!

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