Worthy To Be Robbed

Worthy To Be Robbed

How a robbery exposed true transformation 

Usually, a robbery causes us to feel vulnerable, violated, and vindictive. But when robbers broke into Christophe’s home demanding money and leaving with his remaining harvest and food source, he felt victorious.

In August, we took a trip to Rwanda. While there, we heard a marvelous testimony of transformation from Brother Christophe. He was sent by the village headman to keep an eye on our FGW trainer, Peter, when he began to set up his model farm and training center. Peter welcomed and trained Christophe, and he began to use what he learned on his own “bad land.” His first season practicing FGW, his “bad land” that used to produce nothing, produced 8 bags (1760 lbs) of shelled maize.

We went to his home to learn more about his story, which you will hear in an upcoming investment report. We met his family, took a few pictures, and left. A week later, the thieves stormed his home in the middle of the night, looking for the money they thought the “white men” had given him. To their dismay, there was no money, so they took the remainder of his harvest and left.

When I heard the news, I felt awful. However, Christophe’s response was completely unexpected. He didn’t blame us or ask for anything. Inestad, he said, “From my birth, I have attended different trainings. USAID, Church training, Government training, and many more, but none of those took me out of poverty. None of those came to see me and my family where I live. I thought I was a good believer, but I wasn’t sure due to the rampant hunger. It caused me to think negatively. But after Peter started training me and showed me the proper way of praying, doing FGW, being humble, and focusing on what God gave me, I put it into practice and produced more. “

He continued, “So for thieves to steal my maize, I see this as encouraging me that I am a hard worker. I am someone people can steal from. Before, my thought was to steal. But this time, people stole from me, but I am still blessing others. I am much more encouraged. Visitors are a blessing, and the difference between FGW and other farming practices is that it creates friendship… Tell our visitors (HF) that you are a blessing. Though thieves came, our hope and prosperity are still waiting for us. We are ready to multiply more Disciples of Jesus. FGW is the key to opening the kingdom of God to his people.“

Jerry Jefferson

Director, Farming God’s Way

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