You Inspire Hungry Children

19 Oct

Image of Gideo and PhilipeGideo (red shirt) and his Father Philipe in Gideo’s portion of the field

You Inspire Hungry Children

Your investment in Karama is raising up a new generation of successful young farmers

Dear Family,

Gideo is 14 years old. He grew up in a family that lived in constant hunger. He has 5 siblings. His father Phillipe is a 65-year-old construction worker and his mother Betty is 50. They don’t make enough money to send their kids to school and their family only eats one meal a day. That meal isn’t enough to satisfy their hunger so they struggle to sleep as their empty stomachs remind them they need more food. But because of you, Gideo’s life was about to change and unexpectedly impact his community.

Philipe and Betty were introduced to Farming God’s Way by a neighbor. They began to practice and with their first harvest, their lifelong battle with hunger was over. Not only did they have enough food to eat, but they also had some to sell to pay school fees for their children. Once Gideo returned to school he asked his dad, “Why didn’t you start to do FGW sooner? We have not grown like the other children.” Phillipe didn’t have an answer.

Gideo asked his father for a small piece of his parents’ land. Then he asked his sister if she would work with him on that land. She said yes and they began practicing FGW too. Gideo said, “My family now eats two meals a day. We are now able to contribute to our school fees and materials. We bought goats to raise for future food, income, and manure. My parents are very excited about our future. This method changed my family’s life!”

But you didn’t just help Gideo’s family. Gideo took $12 from his profit and bought some new clothes that caught the eyes of his peers. He said, “When the kids heard that I was eating two meals a day and saw me in my new clothes, they asked me to train them. Now I am leading a team of 24 youths in Farming God’s Way.”

The neighbors who trained Phillipe and Betty were trained by you! Your support of Venuste and his training center allowed these neighbors to learn FGW. Your investment has changed Gideo’s family. Your investment is now changing the lives of the youth he is leading. And these youth are beginning to teach their parents FGW. You are changing Karama for the glory of God. Thank you!

Grace and peace,

Image of the director of the Farming God's Way Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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