You’ve Got (Encouraging) Mail

You’ve Got (Encouraging) Mail

A reminder that there is much hope in the battle

Dear Friends,

Dealing every day with the ugly realities of human trafficking and slavery depresses us at times. We struggle with protecting our minds while at the same time maintaining soft hearts that weep with the multitudes who are bought, sold and abused. And we often find ourselves crying out to the Lord with such words as, Why do you allow this God? Our hearts felt especially heavy as we told you last time about the secret war that rages for the lives of a generation.

But this time we want to share a letter we just received from one of our partners on the front lines. Ana, an 11-year-old girl she and her team rescued in March from a mother who rented her out to local men, sent us a handmade thank you card that really made our day…one we wanted to share with you, our partners, right away:

It was the Lord using this “dream team” of ours—you, us at Heaven’s Family, and our partners on the ground—that rescued little Ana. There is hope! Thanks for slogging through the tough stuff with us. The reward is worth it, even for one precious life.

Please pray for Ana and her younger sister (who has yet to be rescued) to be reunited, and for the safety of the team.

Together with Him,

Jeff and Karin Trotter
Directors, Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund

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