3,300 pounds of cabbage helps abandoned children!

07 Oct

3,300 pounds of cabbage helps abandoned children!

Happy Family: Sai Te sitting on her front steps with her four grandchildren.

Sai Te became a mother to her four grandchildren when her own offspring became drunkards and abandoned them at her doorstep. She couldn’t turn them away.

After her husband died, though, she didn’t have the income to provide for them. She hated to see her grandchildren hungry and without an education, so she did what many desperate families in Myanmar do in such difficult circumstances—she sent them to an orphanage hundreds of miles away.

God heard the prayers of her unhappy grandchildren, however, and answered them through you! After listening to Sai Te tell me her story last October, I knew Orphan’s Tear had to help.

Sai Te accepted a small loan to grow cabbage and raise a few pigs. Because of that loan, her grandchildren are now happily back with their loving grandmother.

Thank you so much for supporting Orphan’s Tear and the Kinship Care Fund!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

This year’s harvest amounted to over 3,300 pounds of cabbage!

Sai Te with her five pigs, which are now almost big enough to sell!

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