Chinese Christians Receive Bibles

11 Jun

Chinese Christians Receive Bibles

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you some uplifting news that recently came to us from China. We’ve been funding an indigenous ministry that smuggles Bibles and other Christian literature into China for distribution within networks of house churches. That ministry receives letters of thanks that are smuggled back to them. Below is an example of one of those letters that was recently received, along with the English translation.


I first greet you all in Christ. I already heard of your evangelism project early on. Now I live in Chang Lin village of Yunnan Province. After I read the Tortured For Christ, my spirit was so strengthened and I learned how to look upon God and how communism still worked against the thoughts of God, which made me to hate it more. From that day on, I began to attend the meetings in the house church and later served there, witnessing God’s wonderful deeds. I encountered Jesus at 1 April 2000. Thereafter I often delivered the bibles for you. With man that is impossible, but not with God; is anything too hard for God? There are more and more Chinese people coming to know Jesus, so please pray for our leaders in China. I pray that all Chinese people can know God, for China was so-called “the Divine Land.” I hope the implication of this name can be realized.

On behalf of Chinese believers, thanks so much.

Emily Growden
Director Bibles for Believers  Fund

You too can have a part in getting Bibles to some very thankful Chinese recipients! Learn how you can provide Bibles for Chinese believers.

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