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Meet Man Sian Muang!

Man Sian Muang at Bethel Childcare Center in Kalay, Myanmar Dear Friend, This month I wanted to highlight one very special orphan: Man Sian Muang! […]

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Buckets of Sunshine

"They...we...are all still afraid." Those words, from the director of Mt. Zion Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, explained why, two months after Haiti's January 2010 earthquake, none of the children were sleeping inside their orphanage building. Along with two other Heaven's Family staff members, I had come to Haiti to assess the situation at two Christian orphanages that our Orphan's Tear division has been assisting since 2008. This was, however, my first time to personally visit Mt. Zion Orphanage.

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Christmas Clothes

The children of El Shaddai Orphanage with their new Christmas clothes! Dear Friend, As someone who has given to the Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund, […]

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Christmas Clothes for Orphans

The director and the orphans of Beulah Orphanage Dear Friends, Every year around this time we ask sponsors to send an extra $5 for each child they sponsor […]

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A Special Card from Nepal!

Six-year-old Sita, who lives at Loving Children Orphanage in Nepal Dear Friends, When Sita was only two years old, her mother died of malaria, which […]

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Disaster Relief – Before and After

Dear Friends, I wanted to bring you up-to-date regarding how the contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) are continuing to meet pressing needs in the Irrawaddy […]

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