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We recently received some encouraging testimonies from several people in Myanmar (all of whom live in the region where Cyclone Nargis made landfall) who were blessed to receive their own copies of the Myanmar Bible as the result of contributions to the Bibles for Believers Fund. The first testimony is especially moving as it is from an older woman who had been Buddhist her entire life until one of our partners put a Myanmar Bible in her hands. We hope you are blessed as we share them with you.

Burmese Christian with Bible
Khin Myat

My name is Khin Myat of Bawing village and I was a Buddhist. There are some Christians in our village, but I never made fellowship or friends with Christians. I knew nothing about Christianity or Jesus before. When Nargis destroyed all the houses on May 3, 2008, everyone was so upset and disappointed. No food, no extra clothes and no shelters. We were like animals having nothing.

After the next two or three days later, some people rushed to our village. They were strangers to the villages. And they comforted us, talked to us with big smiling faces and encouraged us with great words. And they gave us rice, water, clothes, roofing sheets of plastic and some medicines. They really loved us! They have great sympathy for us! Since then, I was wondering and thinking about who they were, why did they love us so much! Many things ran into my heart. They gave us supports in respective of race or religion, equally as us. One of my friends told me that, “These people came from a very far place, they are Christians, Jesus is their God.”

Since then, I had a burning desire to know about Jesus and Christianity. Then I approached a Christian and asked him everything what I wanted to know. He explained me many things and finally he told me this: “If you really want to know about Jesus, please read the Christian Holy Bible.” That is a big problem for me. No Myanmar Bible is left in our village, no money for buying it, and no where to go to get. At that very time some people from the Ministry came our village again and this time they gave us the most precious and the most I need–that is the Christian Holy Bible.

Since then, I studied it carefully and now I know who is Jesus – and I am now His child. I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior.

I Thank God.

myanmar bible
Naw Phaw Shi

My name is Naw Phaw Shi of Taphian village. In the time of Nargis on May 3, 2008, I lost all my possess things. Nothing was left. Among many properties that were lost, losing the Holy Bible made me most grieved, it was the greatest loss for me. While I was very sad praying for a new Myanmar Bible, the angel of the Lord sent workers to our village. Oh how precious is the gift that I received from them- THE HOLY BIBLE! It gave me strength, happiness and hope. The most precious heritage for me!

bilbes in myanmar
Ma Ma Win and Tun Tun

My name is Ma Ma Win (pictured left) from Simma Village. I was just a new Christian and I did not trust the Lord whole heartedly. But when Nargis beated me, then I cried out to the Lord to help me. While I am so discouraged and disappointed, I received a beautiful Bible from Love in Action Ministry. I read it continuously for one week with prayers. At last, the Lord answered my prayer and then I received joy and peace to the Lord. Now I am very happy, as being a child of God. Jesus is now my personal friend of mine and I have no fear any more, even Nargis can’t beat me again.”

“My name is Miss Tun Tun (pictured right) of Apyauk Village from the Irrawaddy region. I never heard about Jesus or Christianity. One day, I received a Bible and a tract from Love in Action Ministry and I read it. It caught me so deeply and I read it for ten days non-stop. One day some thing happened in my heart which is so strange for me. I went to my best friend Sister Ma Ma Win for a bible discussion, which really touched me. It was about the prodigal son. When the days went by, at last, I came to know that I am no longer a prodigal daughter. Because now I am a daughter of King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus cleanses me of all my sins. So I must receive Jesus faithfully unto death. The world may hate me, punish me, but I will never turn back.

On behalf of these and others like them, thank you so much.

In Christ,


Director, Bibles for Believers Fund

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