A 19-Year Prayer Answered

25 Mar

A 19-Year Prayer Answered

Pastor K. Ningpao with his own Bible—a dream come true!

A 19-Year Prayer Answered

A Bible drought comes to an end by a flood of compassion

Dear Friends,

“There was only one Bible in our whole church [congregation].” For Pastor K. Ningpao, that was a serious limitation not only to his own growth as a believer, but also to his ability to lead his people, who belong to the Naga tribe located in northwestern Myanmar.

K. Ningpao has prayed for a Bible of his own for the last 19 years. His prayers were finally answered a couple months ago when our partner distributed Bibles to thousands of Naga Christians.

The Naga Bible shortage has been due largely to government persecution. Even their small Christian book stores rarely have a Bible to sell. Until recently, it’s been estimated that 97% of Naga Christians didn’t own a Bible. Our partner’s dream is to put one Bible into the hands of each family of believers.

Through this month’s Compassion Club investment in Heaven’s Family’s Strategic Bibles Ministry, your donation will help provide 5,000 Naga families in Myanmar with a Bible for the first time…all for just $1.25 a copy.

The Word of God is powerful. When the Scriptures are read, lives are changed for all eternity.

Thanks for being a member of the Compassion Club!

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

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