A Gift of Shalom

Picture of Ketty, a burn victim in Africa

A Gift of Shalom

A tragic burn victim finds new life and hope

Dear Family,

What did you accomplish in 2018?

You had a part in changing eternity. Let me explain.

You’ve changed the story of Ketty Adoc, one that looked pretty hopeless for some time. Ketty was just 7 years old when she slept one night in a one-room hut with her mother and 3 sisters in a rural village outside Gulu, in northern Uganda. Fear made sleep elusive for Ketty, as just days earlier her father had been abducted by Joseph Cony’s Liberation Army Rebels—and they were coming back to finish the job at any moment.

Sure enough they returned that night, pouring gasoline over Ketty’s hut and setting it afire. The thatched roof collapsed, but Ketty managed to escape with her life. Her arms were engulfed in flames, however, causing the little girl to scream in horror. Ketty suffered many weeks of agonizing pain as her untreated wounds healed, wrenching her arms in grotesque fashion. She never saw her mother again.

This is one of those stories that keep me awake some nights. I want to do something about it. I know you do too.

Growing up Ketty suffered ridicule and isolation. As an adult she found it difficult to find steady work due to the crippling disability and disfiguration left by the fire that night.

But fast-forward 18 years from that tragic night, and Ketty’s life has changed—because of you. Your support has provided Ketty with counseling to heal her soul, and also enabled her to meet Jesus and be discipled. Peace flooded her heart.

Ketty is now married and raising a young boy—Shalom—with her husband, who is also physically challenged, and confined to a wheelchair by a landmine. As God brings healing by way of the cross of Christ, Ketty and her new family now have hope, thanks to you, a vital member of her spiritual family…

Pictures of children with disabilities in Africa
At left, Ketty and new arrival, Shalom, now 2 months old (he likes his privacy while eating); at right, with proud daddy Charles

But there’s more…

Your gifts will soon make it possible to provide Ketty with surgery to release constricted tendons and permit mobility in her arms!

We all have a story. And for all of us who have a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, they will have a fantastic ending (as will Ketty’s). Thank you for helping to rewrite the horrors of history.

That helps me to sleep better. YOU help me to sleep better! Thank you.


Signature of the Director of the Disabilities Ministry

Carmen Parise
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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