A Tumor and a Transformation

31 Jul

Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Aziz praying over new believers “Rahim” and his wife, “Seemal”

Dear Friends,

In an area of Pakistan that is infested with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, “Rahim” worked as a translator with the Pakistani army. One day not long ago, he and some fellow soldiers traveled by a rare building in the region—a Christian church. Just to amuse themselves, they decided to visit the service that was in progress.

Once inside, they heard the preacher say, “The Lord Jesus Christ is present in this church.” Rahim and his friends scoffed at the claim. “This man is a liar! If Jesus is in heaven, how can He be here?”

The preacher continued, “The Lord Jesus is present here and He is going to heal the sufferings of people.” Rahim boldly challenged the preacher: “If Jesus is really here, then let Him heal the tumor that is in my neck!”

Jesus rose to the challenge. Immediately Rahim’s tumor disappeared!

Profoundly struck by this miracle, Rahim surrendered to Jesus and his life began a radical transformation. He soon led his wife “Seemal” to Christ. However, as a new Christian in a Muslim nation, Rahim lost his job as a translator, and he and Seemal have suffered many other hardships…but their faith has remained strong.

Since Rahim and Seemal live in one of the poorest regions of Pakistan, good jobs are hard to come by, even for educated persons like themselves, so they have moved in temporarily with a Heaven’s Family-supported missionary named Aziz.

Aziz would like to provide his two new disciples with a small rental house, groceries, and other household items for three months until they can find work. The monthly estimated cost is $160. Please pray for Rahim and Seemal.

If you are interested in linking your life with a very worthy ambassador of Christ like Aziz, please send me an email at [email protected]. You can make an eternal difference for many through the ministry of your missionary!

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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