Aid Urgently Needed!

In light of the recent news that the government is confiscating aid shipments and denying visas to aid workers, the plight of our orphanages is more desperate. Money is the only thing that can flow into Myanmar at the current moment. If they have the money, they can buy what they need.

We just sent an initial amount of $11,000 in relief that will get to our Yangon orphanages very soon for immediate food needs and medical help. But so much more is needed to help rebuild the orphanage buildings so that the children can safely return home. None of the orphanage dormitories that we have built were damaged because they are solid brick and concrete construction. In the past few years we have built around sixteen dormitories for orphanages in Myanmar. We want to build cyclone-proof dormitories for all of our orphanages, so that they won’t live in the bamboo and thatch homes that were so easily blown over in the cyclone.

100%  of all gifts to the Myanmar Disaster Relief fund will go towards the immediate and pressing needs of the Yangon orphans, like food, water and medical treatment, and then to repairing their buildings so that they can safely return home.

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