An Education for Aneni

09 Oct

Image of children at schoolAneni, wearing blue, sits in the second row back in the middle learning at school alongside several of her best friends

An Education for Aneni

Over 60 children in Zimbabwe are attending school for the first time thanks to you

Dear Family,

Aneni is a young girl from a rural farming town in Zimbabwe. Her village is very poor and many of the children’s parents, such as Aneni’s, cannot afford to pay the expensive fees required to send their children to school.

Aneni had always wanted to attend school and to learn things like reading and writing, but she knew that this would never be an option for her. Instead, she often would accompany her parents to help work in the fields or do chores around the house since her family could not afford to pay the expensive tutition fees.

But because of your kindness, Aneni has now been able to attend school along with 60 other young children from her village. Through your contributions to the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family, Aneni and her friends are now receiving an education together 5 days a week and are learning important subjects like reading, writing, math, and science.

Thank you for helping to make Aneni’s dream of attending school come true! Because of your contributions to the Education Ministry, her life has been changed and she is receiving an education for the first time!

Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Rachel Reed

Director, Education Ministry

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