A Backpack For A Bright Future

03 Aug

A Backpack For A Bright Future

Image of children with school suppliesDaniela and her brothers holding the backpacks that you helped provide.

A Backpack For A Bright Future

Daniela and her brothers were able to attend school this year because of you

Dear Family,

Meet Daniela, a young girl living in Guatemala. She always dreamed of going to school, but it seemed impossible for her and her siblings. In Guatemala, children need school supplies, uniforms, and tuition money to attend classes. For Daniela’s poor family, these expenses were a luxury they couldn’t afford.

But your kindness changed this! Because of your support, Daniela and more than 50 other students had the opportunity to attend school this year. Through your donations to the Education Ministry, each child received supplies such as backpacks, pencils, and notebooks. They also received the uniforms they needed and had their tuition fees covered. Above all, they are learning about the God who loves them.

This blessing wouldn’t have been possible without you. Your generosity is helping these children receive an education and changing their lives.

Thank you for making Daniela’s dreams come true!

With gratitude,

Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Rachel Reed
Director, Education Ministry

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